Zieme & Yelbie Consulting Company offers corporations, small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs a reliable, high-quality  strategic, professional, and management development on a local, national, and international scale. The company’s mission is to assist its clients in developing numerous strategies and initiating any research that will give them the motivation, the confidence the responsibility necessary to succeed in their businesses.


For this reason, we perceive each engagement, contract that we sign up with any our clients not as between our company and our clients but between partners who desire to develop a contiguous and jointly beneficial continuing relationship. We will assist our partners by providing greater long-term benefits through referrals and renew business based on providing service beyond our customers' expectations.


Zieme & Yelbie Consulting, to achieve its mission, it is important the company preserves a financial balance in charging at a higher value for its services in exchange for providing  high-quality services beyond its customer’s expectations.